Pulse Juniors Update – 14th November 2020

Teen Turbo

It might have been a Friday night after a long week at school but we all rushed to get our turbos set up for the teen session. Dee had us in for one tough night (and we couldn’t even give out as she had us all on mute). By the end of the session we were all checking our birth certificates to make sure we were definitely the right age to participate. Roll on Friday nights! (Sarah McGrane, Pulse Junior)

Corkagh Park

Over 30 juniors along with tri leaders and coaches attended an excellent bike and run training session in a sunny Corkagh park on Sunday 8th November. Juniors explored muddy trails, practised mounting and dismounting in their new cycle shoes and put in some quality training. Rumours circulating afterwards indicated that some coaches were so tired they needed an afternoon nap!

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