Meet the member – Brian Power

Well Brian, how’s the form? How’s everything going for you?

The glass is half full, I look forward to 2021, my health and the health of my family is very important to me, so we try to balance a lot here but although we could do with another few hours in the day, we seem to keep the train on the tracks.

Tell us about how you got interested in Triathlon and how you came to join Pulse?

I met Joe Sweeney at DCM 2016, he was looking fierce fit in a non sexy way! and after I asked what was his secret sauce, he told me he was with Pulse and that he had just done a half Ironman, ( I had no idea what this was but I nodded knowingly ! ), after Joe spoke for 2 solid hours about his exploits :-), I said to myself, sure if he only got a half done, I wonder what a full would be like –Sorry Joe, I just couldn’t resist.

Tell us about your first race?

Carlow Sprint 2017, I was learning to swim, still am to be honest, large coal laden barges trundle up the Rhine river quicker than me, anyway, I hopped in, swam upstream in the middle of the river, half wrecked, I rounded the buoy and swam downstream in the shallows, I nearly needed CPR when I got to T1, but once I got onto the bike, I found a groove, and the bike and run was spent making up lost ground, but the finish line was great, I had ripped of the bandaid and got a taste of it, and I wanted more.

What’s your favourite race/distance to race?

My favourite race and distance came simultaneously, it was Sheephaven Half Iron in 2019, I love that distance because you can cut loose a bit more, I usually spend it chasing people on the bike and trying to run a bit, so I just mentally hunt them down, but Sheephaven was extra special, my Mam died a few weeks earlier, ( she would always say, mind yourself now, but don’t stop mind! ) I hadn’t bothered to train, I hadn’t smiled or felt anything to be honest for sometime, I was a little numb, but the sun shone all day, I took in all the beautiful scenery, it was stunning, I felt really lucky to be able to do this crazy sport and I felt her with me and all was good, and of course we had ice cream and watched all the Pulsers finish, and I found a little peace that day.

What’s your favourite Pulse memory so far?

The Lanza after party in 2018, the whole Sunday, the notion that I had completed a very tough Ironman the previous day, pints with Derek McCabe, Matt Bird, Anthony Gar, and Vinny Galvin, onto the full party in Route66 with the families and Pulsers, good times, sometimes you have to pause to really appreciate them.

What’s the best thing about being in a Triathlon club?

Lycra!!, fitting into clothes that a small Japanese lad would be proud of!, and a close second is the kinship, camaraderie that develops between Pulsers, it is not an easy sport, a lot of people have to overcome fears to compete in races, such as open water swimming, descending downhill on a bike at mad speeds, these are barriers that if pushed through bring massive self confidence and satisfaction, and club members love nothing better than to help, watch others succeed and be part of that journey.

When you’re not swimming or pedalling or running, what keeps you busy?

Life, sometimes I scratch my head to wonder how we fit it all in, I like to pause now and again to sit, life can be busy but balance is important to me, my family are my main focus.

Outside of Triathlon, what’s your favourite sporting memory or achievement?

I’ve played all sports, and been equally so-so at them all, but if I don’t enjoy it, I move on quickly, I played football for years and met some headbangers, most of which I still know, but seriously funny people and I think my favourite memory was when I was on the bench for Bluebell United, it was Baltic cold, one of the lads sneaked over to the Red Cow and got chips from the bar, we got the nod when he was back and told the gaffer we were going to get warmed up, we dived into a car and had hot chips on an artic day, sure the windows fogged up, we were sitting there eating chips when the gaffer opened the door, his head was the color purple, four of us caught red handed! I played for Palmerstown soon after that, but anytime I see them lads, we know, yep we know and we smile.

What’s the bucket list, once in a lifetime race you’d love to experience?

I would love to get to an Ultraman. A few of us have had the chats about it on and off, so that would be my big one.

What’s the next Triathlon goal you’d like to tick off?

I would love to get 5 Lanzarotes under my belt, I doubt it will be continuous, so I will probably be about for a few more years, but that would be a long term goal, and if Challenge Roth goes ahead, in 2021, I will try to give that a good rattle, I got a lottery placement from Triathlon Ireland, ( they must be desperate ), but wearing the Ireland gear will be a special day, so #don’tbeshyte!!

Finally, what one nugget of advice would you give to a new member starting out on their Triathlon journey?

Ask questions, get to Pulse sessions, be consistent, build slowly, nutrition, strength and conditioning, have fun, all of these by the way, I am still learning, there is always something to absorb from a session, most of my mistakes came from doing the opposite of what I have mentioned above. The people that make up Pulse are its greatest asset, they have experience to share, nuggets of knowledge that will help, i’m certainly always listening, and they are willing to help.

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