Meet the member – Emma Chatham

Well Emma, how’s the form? How’s everything going for you?

All good here, looking forward to 2021.

Tell us about how you got interested in Triathlon and how you came to join Pulse?

I had done all my lifesaving badges when I was younger and loved to swim, I had worked as a windsurf and sailing instructor in Greece and Turkey so I loved the open water.  I worked as a fitness instructor for years teaching a lot of Spin and I had always done a bit of running, nothing serious. So I decided to put it all together thinking a Spin bike would be the same as out on the road – it’s not.

I saw a load of Pulsers at Blessington 2018, I was there on my own and thought it would be nice to do this with a Club and actually train for it.  I joined the club in December 2018 so really still very new to this.

Tell us about your first race?

It was disastrous, 2016 very last minute I decided to do the last race of the year Killashee.  I hadn’t swam in years or been on a bike out on the road.  When they ask what time you think you could swim 750mts in I put what I could do it back when I was in my 20’s.  The day of the race was gale force winds and torrential rain, the organizers were on the verge of calling it off.  It went ahead.  I was in the fastest swim group having put my predicted time.

The 2 young lads in the lane with me were probably cursing me as they swam over me.  I got out of the swim and started to dry myself and change my clothes, I then got on my husband’s rusty old bike I had found in the garden and headed out onto the roads of Naas in gale force winds and lorries flying by me.  I was glad to get the race finished but it took me till 2018 to do another.

What’s your favourite race/distance to race?

I’ve only ever done Sprint, I had signed up for Olympic in 2020 which I think will suit me with the longer swim.

What’s your favourite Pulse memory so far?

I just love when you are doing a race when people see the Pulse gear that they give you a shout.  But the Cork training weekend this year was such great craic and my last memories of normal.

What’s the best thing about being in a Triathlon club?

Having the consistency of training, no matter what your level there is always someone to train with.  Having people cheer you along on races.  You will learn so much from everyone in the club.

When you’re not swimming or pedalling or running, what keeps you busy?

I have 3 kids, so there is a lot of cleaning the house and I am a Scout leader for their scout group.  I’m also doing a Diploma in Italian.

Outside of Triathlon, what’s your favourite sporting memory or achievement?

Katie Taylor winning gold at the olympics, I remember jumping around my front room with my daughter Lana who was 7 months old at the time.  Katie Taylor is such a class act and inspiration.

What’s the bucket list, once in a lifetime race you’d love to experience?

Defiantly going to do a 70.3 someday, really like the idea of Venice or Emilia –Romanga, I’ve been on holidays there many times and it is so beautiful.

What’s the next Triathlon goal you’d like to tick off?

Just to do a race again would be nice

What’s your favourite book/movie/tv show? What do you like about them?

I watch a fair bit of tv because I have 3 kids and I had a non existent social life even before the pandemic.  There are so many good shows to mention so I’ll just give you my favorite 3 from 2020.  The Boys, Schitt’s Creek and Bridgerton.  All very different shows but extremely well written and great acting. I love musicals and my all time favorite film is Moulin Rouge, love how all the old songs are used to fit the story.

Who inspires you, be it in sports or in regular life? 

My kids, especially the girls would love to be the one to inspire them to get involved in sport especially Triathlon.

Finally, what one nugget of advice would you give to a new member starting out on their Triathlon journey?

You won’t regret it; you will make so many friends and learn so much. However, buy a decent wetsuit.  My first open water swim I had a surfing wet suit which you cannot swim in, I didn’t know there was a difference.  Never needed a wetsuit in Greece.

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