Member season reports

Mike Gonda – 2016 Season Report

Mike GondaI’m 38 and I work as an OT attendant in SJH and I’m married with a 9-year old daughter. I was big into basketball when I arrived here in Ireland 15 years ago. I used to play competitively but I haven’t played in years and still miss it. I started doing mountain biking in 2012 which I did for a year and then a friend convinced me to shift to road cycling. In 2013 I made the switch doing mostly sportive events and charity cycles. A friend asked me if I have considered running as well, so I joined a running club in 2014 to give it a go. I got hooked and I did 12 full distance marathons in a span of 6 months during 2014 and 20 full distance marathons in 2015. At one point I used to do it every week but then some injuries side-lined me last year, so I have slowed down since. I then convinced my friend to try and train for a triathlon. I knew I couldn’t swim so we joined Pulse in February 2015. Improving my swimming was a struggle and I nearly gave up at a time when I thought I wasn’t improving. There were loads of things to keep in mind – breathing, stroke, body position, kicking, and trying not to drown. Slowly, things were falling into place and things have never been the same. I have learned and gained a lot in the three disciplines. My swimming and running have vastly improved, all because of the training, the help and the encouragement extended by my fellow Pulser’s. At times it can be difficult to train due to my demanding job and a daughter to look after but I try to squeeze as much time as I can.
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Claire Dillon – 2016 Season Report

Claire spacer I am a member of Pulse and involved in triathlon for 2 years, this being my 3rd season. Prior to this I would have been interested in fitness having taken part in rowing in college and kept fit since then by running. However, I had no bike experience and was a beginner level at swimming. I joined Pulse mainly so that I could gain experience in the open water however quickly found that having a group of like-minded individuals is what makes competing in/completing triathlon so much fun. My first race as part of Pulse was Kilkee and this emphasised that triathlon is for everyone and Pulse supports each other, while we train and race hard we also know how to enjoy ourselves.
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Lizanne Barnwall – 2016 Season Report

Lizanne I started some jogging in 2004 (age 21) to help with college stress. I wasn’t sporty in any way before that. I did a few fun runs 2005 & 2006 then moved up to the half marathon and completed Dublin marathon in 2007. All my training was solo & totally unstructured! At the same time of that 1st marathon my mother & best friend were sick with cancer so all the running was huge stress relief for me & I used those races to raise money for cancer. In 2008 mam and my best friend passed away so running became very important…. more like an obsession / escape! So much so that after the Berlin marathon in 2008, I developed a serious pelvic stress fracture, resulting in limping through pain & unable to walk properly for over a year. It was a tough time! I recovered early 2010 and turned to cycling for some necessary leg strengthening!

Joining Pulse in Nov 2011 was initially was short lived! I joined full of hope to do my first triathlon in 2012. Unfortunately 3 months later I had an accident and ruptured my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) so I had to undergo knee reconstruction surgery in March 2012 – that year I was fully out too with rehab but this was my opportunity to learn how to swim! After the ACL knee rehab was done, I started with Pulse properly end of 2012 and did my first triathlon in 2013.

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