Triathlon Ireland National Series 2019

Pulse @ Triathlon Ireland National Series 2019 2019 was a fantastic season for the Club in BMW National Series racing. Between the Duathlon and Triathlon Series, and various National Championship races throughout the season, Pulse will up lots of awards and medals at this year’s TI Awards Night on 23rd November. Congratulations to Kim Hickey, […]

IRONMAN Wales 2019 – Stephen McCann

IRONMAN Wales September 15th 2019 Having arrived in Wales on the Wednesday before the event I had plenty of time to get in a few swims, a short run and a look at some of the bike course. Ironman had everything well organised from the registration through to the briefing so by the time race […]

IRONMAN ITALY 2019 – Kevin Derrig

I’ve thought to myself for a while that too many feckin eejits in Pulse do mad races like Ironman, and I decided that 2019 would be the year that I became one of them. First, why Italy?  There are a lot of options out there but I knew that with my wife studying part time […]

IRONMAN Cascias 70.3 – Grant Jacobs

So, here goes my first race report for Pulse. And I’ve got no one to blame but myself! Here be told a lesson of how ignorance can truly be bliss as I had mentally signed up to do Cascais 70.3 before I’d even completed any sort of triathlon. I hadn’t even done a sprint race […]

Lough Ramor Triathlon – Dáire McNulty

I decided to write up a report for a local race I completed this year, not national series but Triathlon Ireland were there. Local for me as this race is held by Virginia Triathlon & Cycling Club in Cavan. It was also the location for my first overall win in triathlon. The race itself is […]

IRONMAN Copenhagen 2019 – Jo Lynch

Ironman Copenhagen – the one with the ferret! I wasn’t supposed to do Copenhagen. I had actually signed up for Cork when it was first announced. However after getting drenched at Barcelona last year I questioned whether I really wanted to risk an Ironman in Ireland! I pulled the plug on Ireland a few months […]

Joanna Butler…..her journey to Kona

I love reading Pulser’s stories, race reports and all, it’s like a door to a different world but I never intended to be writing one myself. Yet here I am typing……for me it’s a story about how we evolve, influenced by people we meet and unexpected things that catch imagination. Sometimes it can take you […]

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