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Don’t worry if you are new to triathlon, there are plenty of other first timers in Pulse and plenty of old timers to help you out too. Use the clubs Facebook page to post queries and have a look at the calendar on the homepage to see what training might suit you.

Check out this race report from a club newbie about her experiences in her very first triathlon.

Deciding how to train for a triathlon can be daunting for the newcomer. How much training you need to do before your first triathlon depends on many factors. It depends on what level of fitness you are at in all three disciplines and it depends on what your goals are – do you want to do a sprint, a standard, middle or full distance? Do you want to be competitive or just be able to finish the race?

Below are links to some articles we feel could be useful for you, these are general guides that will help you plan your training, and to choose from and customise the myriad of training plans that are available on the Web.

    • New to Triathlon and not sure about the basics – what to wear, what to eat, what equipment you need, etc? Read this “Starters guide to Triathlon” prepared by Triathlon Ireland.
    • Triathlon Ireland National Development Coach, Stephen Delaney, has designed a 12 week training schedule suitable for beginner triathletes with a basic level of running fitness. You can download it here in PDF format.
    • Buying Guides – the Triathlon Ireland team have produced some useful equipment buying guides.
    • Nutritional planning – some guidelines from the Triathlon Ireland coaching team
    • How Do I Train For My First Triathlon? – former professional triathlete, Matt Fitzgerald provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions he receives from beginners.
    • Jumping In: Key Triathlon-Training Guidelines For Beginners – another article by Matt Fitzgerald, a little more detailed than above.
    • Beginner’s Triathlon training guide – seasoned competitor and coach, Rick Kiddle, provides a comprehensive training model for beginner level triathletes looking to improve their performances.
    • A Beginner’s Guide to Triathlon – a very comprehensive guide from

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