Group cycles

Group cycles start from Cycle SuperStore in Tallaght. Check the Training Calendar for the current schedule.

Cycles are marshalled and there’s an option of cycling in one of three different groups based on level of experience and ability. Routes are decided each week by the marshal for each group. Keep an eye on the Pulse Facebook Group for last minute updates regarding marshals and routes.

Group Selection

The overall aim of all groups will be progression and safety and each member should only participate in a group once they are confident that they can meet the aims set out for the group. If you are unsure of your ability or have any questions please feel free to contact or consult the group marshals on the day.

Yellow Group
Suitable for  Beginners and those new to group cycling..
Training focus  Emphasis will be on safety, learning to cycle with a group, and building skills and confidence on the bike.
Distance  Approx. 40km


White Group
Suitable for  Moderate experience and moderate fitness.
Training focus  Focus will be on building experience of group cycling, and increasing distance and speed.
Distance  Approx. 60km


Red Group
Suitable for  Experienced cyclists with good fitness, participants must be comfortable cycling in a group at high speed.
Training focus  Focus of this group will be on longer distances and climbing.
Distance  Approx. 80km+


Requirements for group cycles

The following is a minimum list of requirements that needs to be met by all members wishing to participate in any group cycle. No exceptions will be made as it is for the safety of the group and the marshal are empowered to tell a rider they cannot participate for failing to meet these requirements.

  • Road bike in good working order (tri-bikes are not recommended for group spins)
  • Tri-bars are not permitted for group spins.
  • Tires and brakes must be in good condition.
  • A helmet is required.
  • Bring a rain or wind jacket.
  • Additional clothing commensurate with forecast weather conditions.
  • Bring a phone and some cash.
  • Food and drink – energy rich snacks should be brought on spins to avoid fatigue and in the case of emergencies.
  • While not mandatory, mudguards are highly recommended in winter.

Additionally, you should read this overview of group cycling technique so that you are prepared for the requirements of group cycling..

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