Group cycles

Group cycles take place on Saturdays and Sundays and start from Cycle SuperStore in Tallaght, we meet at 8:45am for a 9:00am roll-out. Routes will be decided each week by the marshal for each group. Keep an eye on the Pulse Group Facebook page for last minute updates regarding marshals and routes.

There will be a number of groups based on average speed and ride distance. Group availability will be dependent on numbers attending each week and the availability of marshals. However, our aim is to provide the following groups:

    1. Yellow Group
    2. White Group
    3. Red 1 Group
    4. Red 2 Group

Please refer to the group selection below for guidelines to see which group will best suit your level and goals for the year.

In addition to the weekly group spins the following training sessions will be provided during the course of the year.

  • Introduction to Group Cycling
  • Bike Marshals Information Session
  • Bike Maintenance Session

We would like to reiterate that safety is paramount in all club sessions and none more so than the club cycle sessions. All those wishing to attend must be fully paid members of Pulse Triathlon Club and hold valid Triathlon Ireland membership to ensure all participating in club organised training sessions are insured to do so.

Group Selection

For all cycling questions or queries please contact Chris O’Donoghue or Darren Hughes on

For the upcoming season we have formed a new selection of cycling groups to help cater for the growing numbers and needs of all members within the club. Please read carefully the criteria and focuses of each group to see which group will suit you best before commencing any cycle sessions. The overall aim of all groups will be progression and safety and each member should only participate in a group once they are confident that they can meet the aims set out for the group.

If you are unsure of your ability or have any questions please feel free to contact Chris/Darren or the marshals on the day will be happy to assign you to the best group to meet your needs.

Yellow Group
Speed Average up to 23kph.
Distance Approx <40km
Group Skills Focus on safety while cycling, learning how to cycle in a group and cycling basic techniques.


White Group
Speed 23-25km
Distance 40-50km
Group Skills Focus on building experience at group cycling and gaining mileage in the legs. Aim of this group is to build stamina and confidence on the bike.


Red 1 Group
Speed 25-27km
Distance 60-80km
Group Skills Focus on increasing the distance and speed as a group. Incorporating improving overall bike skills and running group drills for climbing, intervals and solo efforts.
Red 2 Group
Speed 27-30km
Distance 80-100km
Group Skills Member must be able to maintain an avg of over 27km/hr for a distance of up to 90km and will involve speeds of 40km+ for drills and intervals within the group. Member must have good climbing and cycling fitness and be comfortable at travelling at high speeds within a group environment.

Requirements for group cycles

The following is a minimum list of requirements that needs to be met by all members wishing to participate in any group cycle. No exceptions will be made as it is for the safety of the group and the marshal will reserve the right to tell a rider they cannot participate failing to meet these requirements.

  • Road bike in good working order (tri bikes to be avoided on group spins)
  • No tri bars for group spins
  • Tires and brakes in good condition.
  • Helmet
  • Rain Jacket
  • Phone, Money
  • Food & Drink (food must be brought on spins to avoid fatigue and in the case of emergencies)
  • Mudguards are not mandatory but highly recommended for you and fellow riders.
  • Suitable clothing for the forecast weather conditions.
  • Full Pulse Triathlon & Triathlon Ireland membership for insurance purposes.

Additionally, you should read this overview of group cycling etiquette and technique so that you are prepared for the requirements of group cycling..

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