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Joining Pulse Triathlon Club is about participating in sport, making new friends, staying fit and healthy, and having fun along the way. Based in Dublin, we welcome people of all ages and abilities.

Check out the Pulse Training Calendar to get an overview of the training and events that we organise. In addition, take a look at our training venues around the Dublin area and beyond. If you are new to triathlon and would like to find out a bit more about what’s involved, check out our Beginning Triathlon page for some information and links.

If you have any questions, then our Membership Officer will be happy to help. You can contact them at membership@pulsetri.com. Prospective members can attend up to 3 training sessions before joining the Club (for insurance reasons you must organise this in advance by sending an email to membership@pulsetri.com).


Becoming a member of Triathlon Ireland will give you the insurance that you need to train and race with Pulse.  Triathlon Ireland offers a number of membership options, ranging from a training only license to a racing and training license. Each membership option provides different levels of insurance cover.

If you’re already a Triathlon Ireland member, login to your Triathlon Ireland account. Once logged in, select the option to renew your membership. As part of the renewal process, select the option to join Pulse Triathlon Club.

If you’re not already a member of Triathlon Ireland, go to the Become a Member page on the Triathlon Ireland website. During the registration process for Triathlon Ireland membership you will be presented with the option to join Pulse Triathlon Club.

In the case of Pulse Junior Membership, a parent must first register as a site user on the Triathlon Ireland website and then setup a junior account under their adult account.


  • Adult membership: €65
  • Under 23 years membership: €30
  • Junior membership (8-17 years): €20
  • Associate membership: €30

Associate membership is open to full members of another Triathlon Ireland affiliated club, who may want to join Pulse TC for training. To apply for this type of membership, send an email to membership@pulsetri.com providing details of your primary club.


Membership entitles you to attend Club training and events. In the case of Junior members, it also covers entry to all junior club races. Pulse members have full access to our Facebook members group and receive a copy of our weekly newsletter. Additionally, full members, receive an annual membership pack.

Pulse membership runs from January to December each year. Members who join Pulse after October 1st, are joining the club for the following year. They will also be granted membership for the rest of the current year.

Pulse Triathlon Club: swimming, cycling, running and socialising since 2003

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