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You can join our club online via the Triathlon Ireland Website at

  • If you are already a Triathlon Ireland member, login to your account. You will see an option to renew your membership, select this and as part of the renewal process you will be offered an option to join Pulse.
  • If you are not already a member of Triathlon Ireland, select Get Invloved > Become A Member from the top menu. As you complete the registration process for Triathlon Ireland membership you will be offered an option to join Pulse.

Becoming a member of Triathlon Ireland  provides you with the insurance cover that you need to train and race with Pulse Triathlon Club.  Triathlon Ireland offers a number of license options, ranging from a “training only” license to a full race license – information on the T.I. membership options can be found here, and information on the level of insurance cover provided by each can be found here.


  • Full membership: €55
  • Student Membership: €30
  • Associate/ OAP membership: €30
    • To qualify for associate membership, you must be a full member of another Triathlon Ireland affiliated club. To apply for this type of membership, send an email to providing details of your primary club.
    • Associate members do not receive a membership pack, and do not qualify for internal club awards.


Juniors aged between 8 -18 years of age can become members of Pulse Triathlon Club and Triathlon Ireland for €20.


First off there’s our awesome membership pack – this year’s pack is currently being decided.

When you are a Pulse member you will receive the weekly newsletter detailing the training for the week. You will also receive an invite to the Club Facebook page and to Front Desk, the Club’s booking system, so that you can enroll in swim and other training sessions.

Pulse membership runs from January to December of a given year. Members who join Pulse from October 1st in a given year are deemed to be joining the club for the following year. They will also be granted membership of the club for the remainder of the current year.  The membership pack due to these members will be the membership pack for the following year.

As a club member you are required to abide by the Club Constitution. Also as a club member there is an expectation that you will help to marshal at the Pulse Sprint Triathlon (normally held in September).

You are welcome to peruse the weekly training email for a couple of weeks and join in a training session with Pulse before you make the decision to join.

Email for any further information.

Pulse Triathlon Club: swimming, cycling, running and socialising since 2003

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