Group Cycles

members of a Pulse group cycle pictured by the side of the road in the Wicklow Mountains.

Group cycling is a great way of improving bike handling skills, developing road confidence, and improving your endurance, while benefiting from the support that a group provides. Pulse group cycles take place at weekends and start from Cycle SuperStore in Tallaght. Check the Pulse Training Calendar to see the current ride schedule.

There are three cycle groups that you can join and all groups have a marshal. Each group differs in terms of the distance covered, average speed, and training focus. The marshal for each group plans the route and posts the details to the Pulse Facebook Group each week. You should also  monitor this Facebook Group for last-minute updates about marshals and routes.

Group Selection

Please review the cycle group details provided below. A member should only join the white and red groups if they are confident that they can meet the goals set out for the group. Members that are new to Pulse group cycling should join the yellow group their first time out.  If you are unsure of your ability, or have any questions, feel free to contact training@pulsetri.com, or consult the group marshals on the day.

Yellow Group
Suitable for  Beginners and those new to group cycling..
Training focus  Emphasis will be on safety, learning to cycle with a group, and building skills and confidence on the bike.
Distance  Approx. 40 km


White Group
Suitable for  Moderate experience and moderate fitness.
Training focus  Focus will be on building experience of group cycling, and increasing distance and speed.
Distance  Approx. 60 km


Red Group
Suitable for  Experienced cyclists with good fitness, participants are comfortable cycling in a group at high-speed.
Training focus  Focus of this group will be on longer distances and climbing.
Distance  Approx. 80 km+


Requirements for group cycles

First of all, please review this information page on group cycling technique.

Secondly, know how to change an inner tube. This is an essential skill to know and practise.

Lastly, here is a list of gear requirements for group cycles:

  • Bring a mobile phone and some cash. Store them in a ziplock bag.
  • Bike tools:
    • two tyre levers,
    • one spare tube (bring two if you are cycling on your own, or in a small group),
    • a mini-pump,
    • a small bike multi-tool can come in very useful.
  • Clothing:
  • Bring food and water:
    • energy rich snacks,
    • 1-2 bottles of water or electrolyte mix.
  • Optional:
    • mud-guards are beneficial during winter,
    • a puncture repair kit,
    • wet wipes,
    • a small first-aid kit,
    • cycling glasses are advisable for eye protection.

For more kit ideas and tips on packing your gear, check out these videos (1), (2).

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