Swim training

Swimmers listening to coach at swim training session.

To view our current swim training schedule, please refer to our Training Calendar. If you would like more information about swim training, or would like to attend a session as a guest, please contact us at swim@pulsetri.com.

Pool Training Sessions

All year round, we run indoor swim training sessions on mornings and evenings during the week at Tallaght Sports Complex (Balrothery) and Westpark Fitness pools in the Tallaght area, and at Belvedere College pool in Dublin city centre. All sessions are coached and are suitable for all abilities. As a Pulse member, you can book a session via Pike13, our online booking and billing system.

Open Water Swimming

From May to September, once the water warms up sufficiently, we hold an open water training session every Monday evening at Killiney Beach. This is a fully supervised session, all participants must sign-in and sign-out of the water, and a rescue kayak is present during the session.

D.I.Y. Swimming

Below is a suggested sample swim workout if you wish to get in some of your own practice. Lane 1 is aimed at those hoping to improve technique and lanes 2 and 3 are for working on technique but also building up some speed and endurance.

Lane 3:

Lane 2:

Lane 1:

W/up:200m free, 100m back, 100m kick.200m as 40m kick+40m back. W/up:200m free, 100m back, 40m kick.200m as 40m kick+40m back. W/up:160m free, 80m back,40m kick40m back 40m kick with boards.
Drills: 300m100m single arm100m breathing every 7/5/3/5/7.100m as 20m easy 20m fast. Drills: 300m100m single arm100m breathing every 7/5/3/5/7.100m as 20m easy 20m fast. Drills: 200m100m single arm100m breathing every 7/5/3/5/7.
Main set: 1000m3x100m on 2:103x100m on 2:052x100m on 2:002x100m on 1:55 Main set: 900m3x100m on 2:303x100m on 2:253x100m on 2:15 Main set: 800m3x100m on 3:003x100m on 2:552x100m in 2:50
Cool down:100m easyThen, 260m as half length underwater, half length running hands on head!40m easy. Cool Down:200m Pull with buoys40m easy Cool Down:100m kick100m easy.

And Finally….

Here are just two of many videos available on-line which might help you improve your technique…….but nothing will improve unless you practice, practice, practice….!

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