Cycle training

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Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a total beginner, the Pulse triathlon cycle training program provides you with options.  Read on for more information on our cycle training sessions. To view the current cycling schedule, check the Pulse Training Calendar.

In addition to the weekly spin classes, group cycles and turbo training sessions outlined below, members can also attend one day workshops on the following topics:

  • Group cycling technique.
  • Leading group cycles.
  • Bike maintenance.

If you would like more information, or if you are not a member and would like to attend a session as a guest, please contact us at training@pulsetri.com.

Spin Classes

Spin classes are great for bike and overall fitness, and are a useful part of a triathlon cycle training program. We run two bike spin classes, one on Tuesday mornings, and a triathlon specific session on Wednesday evenings. Classes take place in a state of the art spin studio at Westpark Fitness in Tallaght. These classes are great for improving your pedalling technique and building your stamina.

Group Cycles

Group cycles are a great way of improving bike handling skills, and improving endurance, while benefiting from the support that a group provides. Club members can choose to cycle in groups tailored to their abilities and fitness levels. See our Group Cycling page for more information.

Group Turbo Training

Weather conditions in January and February cause a lot of disruption to outdoor cycling, so for these months we move indoors for triathlon specific turbo training. We provide the hall and the tunes, you bring along your turbo trainer, and our Pulse coaches design the session plan. One of the major benefits of using a turbo trainer is you can closely control your workout environment. Your workouts become repeatable and measurable, and it becomes possible to do very specific interval training without the worry of dodging cars.

Bike Time Trials

During the year we run several bike time trial events on quiet roads around the Blessington Lakes in Wicklow. Bike time trialling has a number of benefits for triathletes. It is useful for benchmarking fitness, predicting goal race pace, and simulating race conditions. Cycle time trials replicate the type of riding you do in a triathlon, where it’s just you versus the clock, without the advantage of being shielded by a peloton. It makes sense to do them as part of your triathlon cycle training program.

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